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Our Team


Local knowledge is a crucial part of our business. Andres lives and works in Medellin and provides the “typical” tourist information and guide. But adds in the local history and culture that brings the city to life. ( You don’t get that on “canned” tours ) Bilingual and a real friend – we know that Andres will take care of you 24 / 7 / 365.

Chief Adventure Officer

A native of Colorado now living in Medellin serves as our motorcycle tour operator. An excellent rider and knowledgeable tour guide is a also a professional photographer. You will see his partner… Chester who rides with him is a sight to be seen as Chester will get more attention riding on the motorcyle then you will 🙂 from the local people in town. Jeff will take you thru the back roads of Medellin and to towns that are not on the tourist maps. Enjoy the towns that are lost in time and are absolutly wonderful. With great food, sites and a great day trip for those with two wheel adventure on their minds.

CEO / Founder

You will see my picture all over the site. Why ? Because I have taken every tour. I am an IT Professional who has been fortunate to work all over the world. While doing so I discovered Colombia. I live in Dallas Texas and spend half the year in Colombia. Over the years I have been connected to local tour guides. One of them is now my business partner – our COO Andres.

Logistics / Communication Officer

Lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – My brother helps with logistics and emails and communications. He also looks for additional tours and events to add to our catalog. You will see him and I all over the site in pictures as we live the tours we promote.

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