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You are at the right place to spend the rest of your vacation. Rock Star Tours is here to keep you all updated with the best places to visit in Cartagena (Colombia). The expert travel advisors or guides of this website understand how travel connects people with one another and help them sharing their views, culture, and lifestyle. Cartagena – the city situated in a bay in the Caribbean Sea used to give the picturesque of a quite fishing village and gradually it has grown to be a famous international city to explore the natural beauty.

Popular activities are waiting for you!

Being a travel freak, it’s likely you have always had a desire for adventure secretly preserved in your heart. Well, none other than Rock Star Tours can offer you the best way to experience the latest activities that often take place in this city. You can rent a boat for a day to enjoy an island party or hire city tour services to visit some of the well-known places that add extra toppings to this trip. Outdoor excursion such as – snorkelling or taking a bike ride to the lovely neighbourhoods of Castillo Grande, El Laguito, Getsemaniand Manga can make your day worth remembering.

An adventure worth remembering:

Starting from 16th Century horse carriage tour to art and architecture tour to horse riding – anything and everything can be arranged to make your day memorable. The locals of Cartagena have made this city full of great arts. Places such as – Boca Grande Beach, or ancient tunnels under San Felipe Cast leare one of a kind. People, who love adventure, can take a bath in El Totumo which is known as one of the coolest mud volcano located in Cartagena. Bath in the healing mud and don’t forget to click and save your memory here.

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Be it arranging the best city tour transport or grabbing excellent city tour plans – everything you can get handy with Rock Star Tours. Our city tour transport services no doubt offer the most desired experience at a cost-effective price. If you are little bit aware of the expenses, then you must talk to our advisors to check what kind of city tour services you are looking for. The expense solely depends on your choice of tour plans and your transportation preferences.

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Our team of experts are aware of Cartagenajust like the back of their hands. Moreover, we promise to take care of your comfort while designing the itinerary for you and your family. Even if you want to take a rough sketch on the city tour plan, you can feel free to contact our team of professionals. Starting from setting your accommodations to transportation plans – everything is smoothly run by the Rock Star Tours. So, keep your camera ready to shoot the wonderful places in Cartagena!

Apartment Locator Service

Two ways we can help you with our locator services. The first is finding the right place for you and your crew. Several apartments are quiet and family oriented so you can have a quiet stay. Or if you are wanting to turn it up a bit with a house party you want the "right" place. Also we can assist in looking at your apartment you found online and seeing and reporting back if it is actually what is represented online and accurate. Is it clean ? Does the internet work ? Hot water ? You would be unhappy if you arrived to a apartment that was lacking in the basics you expect. We are here to protect your interests. Giving you value. Stop looking on Air B-n-B or similar sites. We have apartments that can be rented. If you do, let us be your eyes before you arrive. We can help you all the way.  

Business / Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel Transportation Services in Medellin Colombia Rock Star Tours understands business travelers. You look for a superior and secured transport service in a foreign land. We have a clear picture of the global business travel culture in Columbia. Vehiccles at all levels are available to ensure success and a comprehensive suite of business trip transport. All designed to provide clients with the service they desire. The company thinks of every aspect of today’s corporate world and we do the same for individual corporate travelers. We look at all the corporate and business travelers as ourselves and create solutions for their transportation needs.

Concierge Service

Personal concierge services are on the rise. With the local tourism and business travel needs in mind, we have you covered. Medellin VIP Transport is ever evolving to deliver exceptional services 24/7 to our clients. We know that time is your most precious resource on a business trip or vacation. Think about this... Time is the one thing you can never get back. We help you save time and get privileged access. Access to private events is well worth it. Get a concierge. It’s your secret weapon to unlock a world of exclusive experiences and VIP events. Well, it’s nearly that easy. You first need to find the translation and concierge service that’s right for you. Your valuable time is what we save you. We help with local documents if on a business trip, or setting up a tour or reservation at a restaurant.