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In general, compared to the decades back transportation has become much easier. With this advancement, various transportation services have turned up in which concierge service is one of them. In Cartagena, Colombia this one of the growing industry which aims to make lives of the travelers easy. Well, Rock Star Tours believes that traveling thousands of miles with a lot of stuff is difficult. So, we have introduced our concierge transportation services to give our travelers tension free and better experiences.

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Family trip

We do everything in a rush in our day to day life and so we have no time for relaxing and spending time with our family. We at Colombia Rock Star Tours believe that time is the best gift that we can gift to our visitors. If you are planning for a family trip then you can contact us for an authentic concierge transportation service. Our team will help you to enjoy the luxury of an executive class plan and will take care of all your transportation needs so that you can have a great time with your family members.

Group events

Are you planning for a reunion? Then, hire our concierge transportation services. Our concierge buses have enough space to accommodate your big family.

Companies make use of these concierge services for team building. By hiring our concierge transport you can take your staff in or outside the city hassle-free. It is our responsibility to arrange all the necessities and make your trip smooth.

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Premium Car Services
Conferences and meetings

There are many multinational companies in Cartagena, Colombia and the officials of these companies who need to attend conferences and meetings.  Well, even there are certain times when there are guests from the other countries whom you have to welcome.

In these instances, without worrying you make our concierge transportation services your choice. We assure you with the completely safe and sound services.  As time is one of the valuable parts of any kind of work, we ensure you that with our concierge service you and your colleague will reach the venue on time. In your business trip, our team will take care of all the local documents and reserving seats at a restaurant.

When you take your vehicle you have to worry about the parking, but with our services, you don’t have to worry about those. We will take care of the parking and even we will coordinate with the hotel for assistance in regards to your luggage.

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Concierge service have now become a solution to a busy lifestyle. When it comes to concierge transportation service get in touch with Rock Star Tours. We have professional and experienced teams who will serve you with care and attention on your tour. We have been providing exceptional services for the areas in Colombia like Cartagena. At Colombia Rock Star Tours you will get the concierge transportation services at an affordable rate with positive result. We deliver services to our customer 24/7.

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