If you are planning a tour but getting a little bit confused because you don’t know where to go, you are at the best place to learn something important. We are at Colombia Tour transport Services offers excellent opportunities to visit the beautiful places in Cartagena, Colombia. We have a wide range of transport services that run for Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota and more in a completely amazing way and provide the endless features of the place. If you have planned to visit Cartagena, Colombia than you can have a pretty interesting service of a city tour that will provide you significant help in order to experience the journey in the Cartagena, Colombia.

Offering Tour Transport Services:

If this is your first in Colombia City, we are here to provide you complete facilities with Transport Services and provide you a number of luxurious vehicles like Taxi, large SUV, small SUV, luxurious car, large and medium-size party buses and much. Al these vehicles are waiting for you to reach to the gorgeous beaches that make charming its colonial cities and enjoy the tour while walking in high altitude to mountain treks that will for sure leave you breathless. So it will be good to take a Colombia tour with a friendly local guide like Rock Star Tours Colombia. We are the best in offering a complete service of Tour Transport Services in order to enjoy strolling through the romantic cobbled alleys and plazas of one of South America’s greatest cultural treasures in Cartagena.

How we are the best?

We are perfect in offering you travel experience to visit Colombia city that passes through the Cordillera Central, linking Bogotá with Cali and Buenaventura, the major Pacific port. Our Tourtransport services play a particularly vital role in Colombia and provide the best chance to visit beautiful places. In addition to this, our transport services offer a better concept of research and provide complete detail for the tour in Cartagena, Colombia. With the help of Transport services, our clients can feel comfortable to make their plans for a tour in a simple manner.  We looked up how to get from each city that we wanted to visit the next destination mentioned in our list.

Get Apartment Locator Service:

Our Transport services are also involved in the locator service for which there are a couple of ways to make your journey and residence facilities completely fine. The first one provides the right place for you and for your crew too. There are several apartments that are quiet and family-oriented makes you feel like a home and you can have a quiet stay. We have the best tour transport services to assist you in looking at your apartment where you are staying.

We always tack care of any kind of the activities in the apartment via CCTV camera and through the internet services. We have the responsibility to check everything in the apartment from check-in to check-out timing. So if any of you have made a plan to visit Colombia, you can easily contact us to get more information with regards to the transport servicesperfectly.


Airport Transportation

Getting from the airport to your final destination whether it is a hotel, apartment or a friends house can be a pain in the ass if it is your first time in Medellin ( Or any other city in Colombia ) - Yes - I said it - "Pain in the ass" 🙂 You don't know who to trust. You don't know if the driver or taxi is reliable especially if you are just picking them up at curb side. We have a sister company Medellin VIP Transport to take care of you. It is run by the same team as Colombia Rock Star Tours. Our drivers are prompt, courteous and willing to help you. They also have clean and reliable vehicles to get you to your destination. Our drivers are bilingual and will also give you a fast route or a scenic route where you can take a few great pictures on your way down into the valley of Medellin. Here is our link to the transportation site: Medellin VIP Transport Look at all the great services we offer.    

Apartment Locator Service

Two ways we can help you with our locator services. The first is finding the right place for you and your crew. Several apartments are quiet and family oriented so you can have a quiet stay. Or if you are wanting to turn it up a bit with a house party you want the "right" place. Also we can assist in looking at your apartment you found online and seeing and reporting back if it is actually what is represented online and accurate. Is it clean ? Does the internet work ? Hot water ? You would be unhappy if you arrived to a apartment that was lacking in the basics you expect. We are here to protect your interests. Giving you value. Stop looking on Air B-n-B or similar sites. We have apartments that can be rented. If you do, let us be your eyes before you arrive. We can help you all the way.  

VIP Class Service

We can take care of you from the days prior to your trip to the moment you leave Colombia. Full service. If you are looking for something special ( a trip or event ) we can get it. Are you passionate about something ? Hiking or a hobby ? Let us know - because we may be able to find what interests you in Colombia. We have had customers who were passionate about cooking and restaurants in there home country. We were able to get them special access to several restaurants in Medellin. These customers got to learn about how local food is prepared and spent a day with the restaurant staff. This is personalized service... ( Party Like a Rock Star ) So we ask that you communicate with us and give us an opportunity to deliver the personalized "Rock Star" services we are known for.