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Comuna 13

Only a few years ago, the Comuna 13 neighborhood was the most dangerous community in Medellin, but today, it’s the city’s most colorful and vibrant community. The local residents and artists reclaimed the neighborhoods after the government and private sector invested in social and youth programs. They contributed to the miraculous transformation that we see today, the streets filled with incredible street art, music, street performers, and vendors selling tasty local snacks, an excellent opportunity to explore the lively streets in Comuna 13 while meeting residents and artists, a unique cultural and memorable experience. ( Blog )

The Comuna 13 graffiti walking tour offers travelers a unique opportunity to explore another side of Medellin outside the popular tourist district of El Poblado. This exclusive tour takes guests on the metro-cable cars in San Javier before hiking up the steep hillside, reaching the outdoor electric escalators that stop at the top of Comuna 13, providing guests with panoramic views of the city. ( About Us )

Transportation is provided by our sister company, Medellin VIP Transport